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The skill required is how to blend the offline and online to maximise the potential for the customer to buy or use your product or service.

Keep reading to find out how Adman Andy can assist your business in achieving this and contact us for discussion on your individual needs.

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Which Media is Best?

They all are – it is a Jigsaw puzzle, the more the pieces you have a more complete media coverage you have. The challenge is that very few businesses can afford to use all of the channels available.

This is where a Sound Strategy and execution become really important to create an effective and efficient use of the advertising media.

This is where Adman Andy as your digital marketing agency can help.

The Jigsaw Puzzle that is Advertising & Marketing.

The words Advertising and Marketing are often used together as if they were the same thing. Which they are NOT.

A short explanation –  Advertising the activity of informing people of a product or service, whether that be by word of mouth, or a medium sush as TV, press or internet.

Marketing is the activity of presenting and selling a product or service in the best possible way.

OK, my simple (hopefully) anology is  this, If I have a product say a glass cup that cost me $1 to produce and I want to sell it for $1.50 (50% markup), I can advertise it for $1.50.

With the same glass cup and I want to sell it for $5  (400% markup) I need to present it in such a way to make it desirable for people to happily pay $5 – that is marketing.

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It is important that whatever you may do that it should be search engine friendly, both from a organic or paid perspective.


Part of the strategy is for advertising and marketing to use the best of the digital component in each medium, billboards, radio, TV, even print with the use of  trackable QR Codes.


Social media is the fastest way to expose and market your brand.

Newspapers Magazines

Despite what some soothsayers may predict, newspapers and magazines are NOT dead and still have an important role to play.


Sometimes described as ‘theatre of the mind’, can be very diverse with analogue (AM & FM) and now DAB digital streams now available.


Still the most powerful medium in communicating to a vast audience quickly. Like most media it is the content that makes people watch.


Includes things like letterbox flyers, shop catalogues and general information sheets available at retail outlets on product description or price.


Primarily Billboards, but does cover bus stops, shopping malls and is considered the original medium of advertising


Cinemas are a unique experience that cannot be replicated easily ,COVID-19 has hit cinemas particularly hard, however they will return in poularity.