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About Adman Andy

Andrew Cole aka Adman Andy commenced working for QTQ Channel 9 – Brisbane in February 1978.

As an intern Adman Andy worked in every facet of television broadcasting, studio camera, sound and lighting, video tape, scheduling of commercial and promotional content, sales, publicity and finally in the programming department learning the craft of television from the first man on Queensland television, Hugh Cornish.

Combining programme ratings knowledge and sales skills, there was a place where this could be of service to clients who bought television air-time. The balance between enough advertising and too much is a fine line, however with the correct skill set a balance between effective and efficient can be achieved, thereby adding value to a client wanting to get the best value.

To be able to advise clients correctly Adman Andy set about being involved in advertising agencies that were advising clients on all media not just television.

Adman Andy joined a Brisbane advertising agency and was able to help clients navigate the media puzzle. Working with clients like (click link to read more on) Power’s Brewing which took the fight right up to the likes of Castlemaine XXXX, and Fosters Brewing. In fact Adman Andy was able to secure the Rugby League television rights off the incumbent Castlemaine XXXX for Power brewing. Not long after this Adman Andy was part of a very small group of advertising and marketing professionals which worked on the campaigns that was able to unseat a popular Qld Premier, the honourable Wayne Goss and see the honourable (click the link to read more) Rob Borbidge become Premier of Queensland in 1996, after the general election in 1995 and the subsequent Mundingburra by-election.

In 1999 Adman Andy left the rigid world of Advertising Agencies and commenced as a freelance consultant. In 2001 Adman Andy devised the strategy and execution for the successful  launch of the new FM radio station for Brisbane Mix 97.3FM.

Not long after Adman Andy began as a consultant for Firm Decisions based in London. Working with clients and their media companies to make the media expenditure more cost efficient, this lead to Adman Andy working in many overseas countries, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Germany, UAE as well as in Australia.

As the shift has come with the Internet Adman Andy turned his advertising and marketing skills into understanding how clients can get the best return from their media investment.

Along this journey Adman Andy has developed the concept of Custom Domain Names, the fastest way to a webpage. The Real Estate Custom Domain Name website was created to help the marketing of real estate properties, both residential and commercial achieve better visibility in both organic and paid rankings. By looking under the hood and pulling the motor apart and putting it back together, Adman Andy has a unique understanding of how search engines read websites.

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